Thermo-sealing Machine

A sturdy and reliable machine, builded in 304 AISI steel and alloy anodized aluminium, with one manufacturing capacity of 2400 pieces hour with stamp to quadruple print. A sophisticated technology based on programmable PLC and a touch screen display, allows lo execule packaging made "to measure".

The versatility of the machine allow to change the size trays in the maximum time of two minutes. Can be mounted a quad print moulds. On the command console, suspended from a 360° rotating arm, besides the manual selectors, there is also a Omron's touch screen, which allows for all of the command operations to be carried out, along with operations concerning registration of time, temperature and work phases.

The intuitive method of "memory" allows to access to the adiustments and to the planned parameters for an immediate and excellent working of the machine that hermetically seals preformed plastic containers, through a plastic film unrolled by a spool. It has planned in the full respect of the actual normative safety, it operates in aggressive environments, it doesn't fear possible masses of water and it has been conceived to semplify the hygiene regulations and sanitazation.

Command Console of OS 1000 MAX series
Liquid dosage group
Liquid dosage system, with elettronically controlled timer.
Hot rotating printing group
The hot printing group print on the plastic film date and time of packaging.
O.S. 1000 MAX
Transport group
O.S. 1000 MAX with unstacking trays group


Double Imprint Trays Dimensions Min: 94 x 94 x 50 mm - Max: 160 x 260 x 180 mm
Single Tray Dimension Max 320 x 260 x 180 mm
Production Speed Max 2400 parts/hour
Sealing Material Combined with soldering layers in PF, EE
Construction AISI 304 steel
Installed Power 5.5 Kw
Electric Consumption 3.12 Kw
Power Supply 380 V - 50 Hz
Air Consumption NL/min 380
Size / Weight 3060x1400x1960(h) mm / 530 Kg


12 months warranty, electronic components excluded.

The O.S. 1000 MAX thermo-sealing machines are arranged for the integration with optionals component:
Unstacking trays group;
Timestamp group;
Centered print group with photoelectric cell;
Volumetric measure group with centrifugal pomp.

Ormad Com assures to its customers:
Extremely short delivering times;
Technical support by highly times;
Store available spare parts with immediate delivery.

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