Thermo-sealing Machine with Modified Atmosphere

The thermosealing machine SIRIO 2 VG, is an innovative machine, it is made of stainless steel aisi 304, airtight and waterproof with degree of protection IP 65. It has large access doors that open fully in height for cleaning and maintenance.

By request it can be provided of UVC lamps for sterilization of the film and trays. The UVC light go out when the doors are open, also there are the lights for inspect the machine that remain alight when the doors are closed. The electric system is into the machine close by two doors to insect easily, complete line of manual and automatic switch. All the movements of the machine are generate by brushless motors power assisted. The Sirio machine can be integrated with accessories right for all sectors where is collocate. All phases of work are managed by of an industrial PC touch screen. The Sirio production in Atm with four prints is 8 cycles for minute, without atm 15 cycles for minute.

Tape transport tray
Reel shaft
Control panel with plc
Gruppo disimpilatore
Dosing group
Tape output trays
Mould group
Trolley molds
Undwinding film group


Trays Dimensions Min: 1 tray 260 x 785 mm - Max: 6 trays 260 x 113 mm
Production Speed 8 cycles/minute
Sealing Material Combined with soldering layers in PF, EE
Construction Combined with soldering layers in PF, EE
Installed Power 14.2 Kw
Power Supply 380 V 3F + N + T
Air Consumption 5.3 litri/ciclo
Dimensioni / Peso 4840 x 1706 x 2170 (h) / 2135 Kg


12 months warranty, electronic components excluded.

Ormad Com assures to its customers:
Extremely short delivering times;
Technical support by highly times;
Store available spare parts with immediate delivery.

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